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leisure Suit Larry : Box Office Bust | 4 Gb

Release: 03-27-2009, by Unleashed
Genre: Adult Adventure / 3rd Person
Developer: Team17 Software
Language: En, De, Es, Fr, It
Size: 4 GB

The Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust video game gives gamers an all-access pass to the glitz, glamour and gorgeous women of Tinseltown. In this 3rd person adventure game, Larry takes a summer job working on his uncle Larry's movie lot doing odd jobs and trying to uncover a mole, from another studio who threatens to air the studio's dirty laundry in the tabloids.

Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust is a rollicking, innuendo-laden lampoon of Hollywood that features open world sand box game play that includes exploration, platforming, racing and puzzle-solving to complete missions. Additionally, the game will feature an all-new Directors Game that allows the player to create their very own "Larry Feature."

Minimum Spec:
- Windows XP / Vista. (Vista SP1 is recommended)
- Pentium 4 @ 3.2GHz or equivalent Athlon 64 CPU
- 1 GB RAM
- Geforce 6600 / Radeon X1800 or above
- Sound Card compatible with DirectX
- DAEMON Tools
- 6 GB free hard disk space

Install Notes:
1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Mount file
3. Install game
4. Play and Enjoy

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